Friday, March 23, 2012

NEWEST COMMISSION...INTERNATIONAL BANCARD INC...8'X8'... a beautiful challenge beset upon me by the company's Founder and CEO David Iafrate!

I am only a couple weeks into this commission...

O.K., here is the challenge...International Bancard Inc is a Merchant Services Provider dealing with financial transactions globally. David charged me with creating an 8'x8' painting to hang just outside of his board room where it can be seen from his chair and by all entering and leaving the room. It is a highly visible area, and the painting is meant to discuss the history of technology involved in merchant services...basically the processing machinery ranging from good old "knuckle busters" to today's IPhone applications. That's tough media to get a decent composition from even with my crazy eye, but to add to that David is a minimalist when it comes to art. From what we have viewed and discussed I would say without a doubt that he is a fan of the work of Rothko and Motherwell. In essence one hec of a task to create a landscape of technology while falling back on the principles of painting set forth by such legends as Rothko and Motherwell...and with a limited color palette! This project is exciting on many levels because of these challenges and for all of you who know how I paint...minimal is not my thing! So far I am re-learning a ton about myself and how I work. I am really enjoying this one, and learning patience with the brush too!

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