Saturday, August 18, 2012

I am having a blast with the rehash images...

 O.K., here is "Adam and Eve Meet the Rat Race" (left) and "The Baachus Drama" (right)

Adam and Eve Meet the Rat Race, (one of my all-time favorites) actually survived a tornado's direct hit and then flew out of the back of my shippers truck not once, but twice (skidding across 4 lanes of a highway each time) and survived! Needless to say I do not work with that shipper anymore. It has battle scars for sure, but they are a beautiful part of the work now. I left a lot of them in as I repainted this work after each incident...And coincendatlly enough, it is a painting about life and that is the kind of thing life is all about...surviving the calamity of it all! The Baachus Drama has not had the physical calamity, but it details the classic drama of love traingles for my favoriate mythical god! Drama happens to us all...even wine loving deities!

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