Friday, October 19, 2012

Big Painting...and some explaining

People ask a lot about these landscapes which at first appearance seem very abstract, but really are my take on the Asian process of painting (well actually a mirrored process for living) utilizing harmony of balance, time and exacting strokes that identify as (perfect) moments in time. Think of it as petals falling in a blooming lotus blossom orchard...I spent some time with a Chinese painter a couple of years ago who studied Chinese Calligraphy as a child (yes, in China) and used the theory in all of her paintings...a very zen way to work. From her I took the understanding the importance of every stroke (the same as I would each breath), the process through which each execution is made and the relationships each creates. Color balance (or imbalance of color) in compliment to line form body that create imagery.
 Nature as a subject itself is calming even in the most desperate of days. Nature shows us our place in the world and how fragile we all are...just like falling leaves and moments captured in time and stored in our collective memories. Its the moments we live for and relive throughout our lives.

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