Friday, May 10, 2013

5-9-13...not great photos (flash really obscures the top of the image), but I will reshoot when it is completed

I have this thing about obstructed views. It stems from a reoccurring nightmare I had as a youth about blurred vision and/or obstructed vision.  Accoding to dream interpretations that would mean that I was uncertain about the choices in life I was making. Who writes this makes little sense to me since I was a kid. What I do know is that it all these years later it still reminds of not being able to breathe. These works bring back those emotions but also offer acceptance of those dreams as a part of life. Creating them is a type of therapy for me. Things can always be seen whether blurry or clear.

One secret about my work now told...they have also acted as an unconscious catilyst for my aggressive use of color and hard line over the years to make each work as dynamic and bright as possible...

We will see where this one goes...
 The Tower, IN PROGRESS, oil, acrylic and spraypaint on canvas, 48"x60"

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