Saturday, September 14, 2013

ANOTHER SEPTEMBER SHOW I AM IN...OPENS SEPTEMBER 21ST AT THE 4731 GALLERY...September 21-October 5th, The gallery is loacted at 4731 Grand River, Detroit

4731 Detroit "Art  in a Living Context" - Detroit, MI
Stretch the Strangle Hold                                                                                        
curated by Joe Lovett and Jack O. Summers                                        Painting: "Stretch the Strangle Hold" Joe Lovett
                                       artists protest war - group exhibition
  Inspired by my painting, Stretch the Strangle Hold, I sought out help to achieve the goal of bringing like-minded artists
of all disciplines together to speak out against the lie of war. This group exhibit features many artists from and around
the greater Detroit area. Our goal for this show is to raise awareness at the local and national level to send a message
that war is not the most effective solution. 
                                                                                                                            - Joe Lovett, curator 
Catherine Peet          Madeline Barkey          Victor Pytko                Eric Mesko
David Mikesell           Sergio De Giusti          Lynn  Galbreath          Marylin Zimmerwoman
Jon Parlangeli           David Fischer               Jeanne Bieri               Donald Mendelson
Linda Allen                Joe Lovett
September 21 - October 5
opening reception
  Saturday, September 21, 2013   6-11pm
  4731 Gallery, 4731 Grand River Ave.
       Bryant Tillman, managing curator, 4731
gallery viewing hours:
  tues-sat. 1-4 pm


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